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Eyebrow Lamination FAQ

What is Eyebrow Lamination?

An innovative technique that originated in Russia, and is quickly making its way west. You may have noticed pictures of full, slicked-up brows with a high-shine finish taking over your Instagram Explore page; That's brow lamination! It's essentially semi-permanent “soap brows”.

It gives the appearance of fuller and thicker brows without committing to microblading while still hiding gaps and taming unruly hairs in a more vertical direction; similar to the look of wearing brow gel.

Who can get Eyebrow Lamination?

Anyone looking to improve the look of their brows! Lamination is typically suitable for most people, though it is specifically sought by those who are growing out their brows, those with sparse brows or unruly growth patterns, and those who aren’t ready or interested in committing to permanent makeup or microblading.
Contraindications for Brow Lamination include but are not limited to: psoriasis/eczema in the eye area, recent eye surgery, alopecia, recent permanent make up (must be healed by 6 weeks), sunburn, ultra-sensitive skin, blood thinners, pink eye, pregnant/nursing, retinol, accutane.

How does Eyebrow Lamination Work?

It’s essentially an eyebrow perm. It gives your brows a set and uniform shape for an extended period of time. Instead of curlers, brows are laid flat and brushed upwards for the duration of the process, giving the clients brows a fuller appearance.

How Long does eyebrow lamination last?

You can expect your brows to last up to 4-6 weeks.

Eyebrow Mapping

What is Eyebrow Mapping?

It is a custom technique that finds the ideal brow shape based on your facial symmetry using specific measurements to ensure that the shape of your brows is even and flattering for your face. Your brows will be measured based on various points on your face, leaving the perfect map for hair removal that ensures gorgeous and even brows.
Brow mapping takes away the guesswork of traditional waxing, threading, or other hair removal techniques. If you’ve ever left the salon unhappy with the shape, or with brows that were entirely too thin- Mapping is a technique that alleviates these common problems.